My Works

This page is to introduce my works!

  • URL:
  • Industry: Restaurant
  • Country: Australia
  • Name: Niku Ramen
  • Method of creation: Squarespace(CMS)
  • What I did: I made this website by using Squarespace. Photos and contents are provided by the client. All the design, alignment and functional things are made by my works.

  • Industry: Bicycle
  • Country: Australia
  • Name: Ride Share
  • Method of creation: Sketch
  • What I did: This company is actually a virtual company provided by school. I made this wireframe using Sketch and got some copright free images from the internet by myself.

Web banner

Rainbow in a rainy day.

Lion constellation.

Encountering a ghost in a mountain.


Suguru Hagiwara

Hi, my name is Suguru Hagiwara. I am currently living in Australia. I am working as a freelance web developer/ web designer and studying at the same time. Please contact me if you have any general questions or any job offer via the web form.

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